Borrowing Black Cultural Materials for Profit – A Conversation on Appropriation in Pop Culture or ‘Cultural Tourism’

akil_houston_miley_cyrus_HuffPost Live

The conversation of appropriation in popular culture or ‘cultural tourism’ is an important one. While it was once organized around the obvious material conditions of enslavement and the distorted borrowing of black cultural materials for profit, it now presents itself in ironically different yet similar ways.

In the HuffPost Live segment, Do Only ‘Haters’ Think Miley Is Racist?, I, along with my co-panelists Iris Estrada and Dr. Brittany Cooper, attempt to offer analysis that goes beyond the surface notion that contextualizing this practice is a criticism of a performers skill.

For more on this subject take a look at Vice’s Miley Cyrus Needs to Take an African American Studies Class.