PURPLE POINTS: Conversations Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Color Purple

PhotoGrid_1420714518918In recognition and celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the film The Color Purple the Hiphopscholar will be hosting Purple Points, a series of conversations about the film and its legacy. Purple Points addresses the impact and relevance of The Color Purple. The issues in the film are as significant as they were 30 years ago. Themes range from, self-love, religion, intimate partner violence, entrepreneurism, sexism, and much more. The Purple Points conversations are planned around specific topics and the interviewees’ areas of expertise. Purple Points is a series within the Scholars On video series. Scholars On is a form of collaborative online scholarship. Our goal is to have academic dialogue minus the stuffiness and sometimes limited reach of ideas. This is a space to engage the public and other scholars about approaches to analyzing media. In a seductive media environment, media literacy is critical.  Our idea is to promote a space for more immediate engagement with media at a pace closer to how we experience it.

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Borrowing Black Cultural Materials for Profit – A Conversation on Appropriation in Pop Culture or ‘Cultural Tourism’

akil_houston_miley_cyrus_HuffPost Live

The conversation of appropriation in popular culture or ‘cultural tourism’ is an important one. While it was once organized around the obvious material conditions of enslavement and the distorted borrowing of black cultural materials for profit, it now presents itself in ironically different yet similar ways.

In the HuffPost Live segment, Do Only ‘Haters’ Think Miley Is Racist?, I, along with my co-panelists Iris Estrada and Dr. Brittany Cooper, attempt to offer analysis that goes beyond the surface notion that contextualizing this practice is a criticism of a performers skill.

For more on this subject take a look at Vice’s Miley Cyrus Needs to Take an African American Studies Class.