Be a Father to Your Child: Real Talk from Black Men on Family, Love, and Fatherhood Edited by April Silver

BAF_coverLess a review and more a demand…As much as that is possible. This collection of writers read like a who’s who in Hiphop culture is a must read for anyone interested in the complexity of fatherhood in general and in Black communities in specific. Stats and conversations around the nation center on the decline or lack of Black male leadership.
This book offers examples of men who have not only ‘stepped up’ but continue to be present fathers, leaders, and in their various communities provide living examples of Being a father.
BAF begins with a discussion of shifts in the family unit since the 1960s. From there contributing authors and interviews that include Davey D,Talib Kweli, Adisa Banjoko among others, discuss the experiences of being fathers, sons and partners. This collective discussion offers an examination that considers the historical,sociological, as well as cultural contexts, of Black lives. BAF examines “the impact of welfare, child support, criminal justice, and employment policies on young men of color. In addition to this analytical material, the book presents more personal, anecdotal pieces… that form a powerful composite portrait of the challenges facing modern communities of color, and how to overcome them” (BAF, 2008). Please check this interview from our friends at the Urban Wall Street Project featuring two of the co-authors, Kevin Willams and Shaun Neblett. Much respect to Earl at Urban Wall Street for his critical work.

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